One week after unveiling its Huawei P9 flagship smartphone, Chinese electronics giant Huawei has now joined the throng of tech companies embracing virtual reality (VR), with a new wearable headset of its own.

Huawei virtual reality headset

Huawei VR is a new virtual reality headset from Huawei. The unit looks similar to Samsung's Gear VR in that it's a mobile device that you slot a smartphone into. Huawei VR will be available in three versions that support the new P9 and P9 Plus as well as the Mate 8.

The publication also highlights that in terms of content for its VR headset, Huawei has a lot to offer; 4000+ movies, more than 40 free games, and a slew of virtual tours. Moreover, the 360 degree sound field which this headset offers, may also prove to be catch, as it will amplify the immersive experience of the virtual reality headset world. The price and the launch date have not yet been unveiled although we believe it will be priced similar to Samsung Gear VR, or may slightly cheaper.

Huawei had long been rumored to be entering the VR fray in some capacity, and today we have a little more clarity on what that will look like. But it's notable that the company chose to introduce the device during the China launch of its P9 and P9 Plus smartphones. There had been some expectation that Huawei would introduce a new product line during the global launch event in London last Wednesday. But nothing. So it looks like the Huawei VR headset may be limited to the company's domestic market.