Xiaomi mi of the full screen led the flagship machine this year to the development of the full screen, Samsung S8 and LG G6 also use a full screen. It is said that Meizu mx7 is also a full screen design released in July.meizu mx7 smartphone
Meizu MX6 released in June 2016,and from the exposure of news, mx7 should be released in July this year.Meizu mx7 will be equipped with MediaTek P30 processor with a 5.2-inch 1080P display, equipped with a 4GB +64 GB memory combination. the fuselage will use the latest technology to build.And the camera will have 20MP rear.It supports front fingerprint .Equipped with a new generation of Flyme based on Android 7.0 system, continue to use mChang fast charging technology.In the appearence, it is more thiner than Meizu Pro 6 , is expected within 7mm thickness, and is a metal body.

Meizu MX7 is likely to launch in July, priced at around 2,000 RMB, at the same time, this year Meizu will also launch another good phone --Meizu Pro 7.Its configuration and price should be same as mx7 .