Comparing to the brand of the Xiaomi and Huawei, the sales of the Meizu mobile is not very satisfactory. But it is said that Meizu is preparing its new machine of the Meizu MX7 and will release in October, which attracts many fans attention on it.

Meizu MX7

According to the news come from the Gizok that the Meizu MX7 will provide two versions for choose: one version is a single camera, and the other version is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera program, and both of them use very narrow frame design. In addition, this time Meizu will applied the Snapdragon processor on it while the other models like the Meizu Pro 7 and the Meizu Pro 7 Plus are equipped with the Helio processor.

It will release in October with 5.5 inches like the last generation of the Meizu MX6 that the size is convenient to carry with that is similar to the kind of Samsung S9. What’s more, it using a narrow border design with 4/6GB RAM+64GB ROM space combination while the Meizu Pro 6S just with 4+64gb space, and the body will use the latest technology. Not only has Meizu's fast charge function, the camera also has 3 times optical zoom.