Meizu held a new conference in Zhuhai on July 26. As the biggest change in the history of Meizu flagship, before Meizu Pro 7 released,it has widespread concern, because it is unique in that dual-screen + dual cameras design.
meizu pro 7
At present, this new machine has been in Jingdong, Meizu official website, and other platforms for sale. But this time only the sale of champagne gold, quiet black, moonlight silver and Yixia gold four kinds of color, the conference announced the "mention fragrant red" did not show up. The good news is that the official announcement of the Meizu red version of the PRO 7 of the sale time in the August 14, the phone will be at 18:00 on August 18 in Meizu Mall, Lynx, Jingdong, Suning, Gome and line monopoly Shop synchronized sale.

In terms of price, the price of the PRO 7 4GB+ 64GB, 4GB + 128GB is 2880 and 3380 yuan, and the price of the Meizu P 7 Plus 6GB + 64GB, 6GB + 128GB is respectively 3580 and 4080. As for the price,its price is more silimar to the recent release of Huawei honor 9 and oneplus 5 ,so many new mobile phone has been released, it is difficult to choose which one to buy.

Why is the red color most unique of all the colors of the Meizu PRO 7? Because it was named after the fifteenth century Italian Renaissance posterist representative of the Venetian painting. This color for the Meizu PRO 7 added a ray of artistic atmosphere, the new color in the elegant and prefect, exudes a special charm. In addition to Meizu pro 7, the Meizu M6 Note will be released on August 23,and it is said that the more amazing Meizu MX7 will be released in November.