Each brand phone has been released their new flagship smartphone but expect Meizu phone.In fact ,Meizu is preparing a very important flagship - Meizu Pro 7, and now it is getting closer to us.
meizu pro 7
From the exposure of information , in appearance, the Meizu PRO 7 positive with the previous Meizu mobile phone is basically the same, the bottom of the screen is still the classic waist round home button. Its biggest bright spot is the use of dual-screen design, the back of the secondary screen to display the time, weather, telephone, App notice and other information.And it also has dual 12MP rear camera. The recently release of Huawei Honor 9,Nubia Z17 and Onplus 5,they all have dual rear camera and they also suitable for taking photos.Although xiaomi mi6 the first cancel the 3.5mm headphone hole,meizu pro 7 still retain it.

In configuration, the Meizu PRO 7 is expected to use 5.5-inch 1080P display, equipped with MediaTek Helio X30 processor, and Meizu Pro 7 Plus is said to be 5.7 inch 2K screen (screen material are Samsung AMOLED), equipped with Samsung Exynos 8895 processor.But there is no news about their storage,It may have 4GB/6GB two versions.As for the price,it may 2799RMB staring.and the release date is in July and the offically sold in August.If meizu pro 7 release soon,then the second half of the year ,it will be released another flagship Meizu MX 7.