After we waiting for a long time that the new MIUI 9 stable version system officially start to update for the Xiaomi users, which sounds exciting that the users of the Xiaomi Mi6 will experience the new system after the develop version has released on July 27.


Except the Xiaomi Mi 6 support updating, the phone of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 also can update to this system that the theme of this version is “Fast as lightning” that it is surround the basic functional experience to conduct a comprehensive optimization, in the system running fluency and stability to achieve a breakthrough that the running speed will as quickly as the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2.

There are two ways to upgrade MIUI9 Stable: One is through the Xiaomi official online upgrade (OTA) method, to receive the official upgrade message push, or from the "Settings - My device-MIUI version" to detect upgrades like the phones support update such as the Xiaomi Mi Note 3, which support from MIUI V5, MIUI 6, MIUI 7, MIUI 8 stable version directly to MIUI9. The other way is to go to the MIUI forum manual brush machine upgrade, now MIUI forum download page has provided Xiaomi 6 and Xiaomi Max 2 models of MIUI9 stable version of brush complete package.

MIUI 9 not only improved the system speed, but also released three new efficiency functions that bring the users a "fast experience." Portal function to effectively solve the "information island" problem; information assistant function to give full play to the system integration capabilities; photo search function is to achieve the efficient retrieval of photos, and I believe that these three features will continue to apply on the new flagship of the Xiaomi Mi7 and the new product of the Xiaomi MiPad 4. Wait for their release.