Huawei P9 leaked again this week, offering our best look at the upcoming device. Specifically, you can see the partially-covered back of the phone, which seems to reveal several new hardware features.

Huawei P9

Moving ahead to the Huawei P9, back in December there was talk that the phone would be unveiled in March. Back then, the P9 was rumored to sport a metal-clad body carrying a 5.2-inch display. The top-of-the-line Kirin 955 chipset will reportedly be under the hood. There could be 4GB of RAM inside, with a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. A leak of the stickers that will purportedly be used on back of the device, show that it will have a dual camera system.

New even mocked up a render of the Huawei P9 by combining these new details with an image of last year's Huawei P8. This very well could be the phone's final design, though it's also possible the company will tweak a few details to improve its style.

While the Huawei P9 could be unveiled in April, we could also see a larger-screened Huawei P9 Max, a smaller Huawei P9 Lite, and a special feature-enhanced Huawei P9. The latter will be equipped with a screen sized in between the P9 and P9 Max. This model will have bumped up specs, like more RAM and increased storage. Some say that this will be the only P9 model to come with dual cameras on the back, but that remains to be seen.