Nubia Z17 officially released on June 1, which is the world's first equipped with high-pass Snapdragon 835 processor and equipped with 8GB running memory phone.Not only that, it is also the world's first to support QC4 + fast charge technology.
nubia z17
At present, on Nubia's official website, there are gold, black gold, red, black four colors optional. Nubia has been using no border design, but nubia Z17 with a new generation of borderless design, is still around no border, making the 5.5-inch screen to achieve 5-inch grip.

No matter what the shape design is, the most important reason to choose it is its high configuration.Not only carrying Snapdragon 835 processor wiich is the same as xiaomi mi6, but it also has rear dual camera which has 16MP front camera and 12MP+23MP rear camera.The camera can comparison with Huawei P10.In fact, there is a phone to camera as a selling point ,which is OPPO R11 and will be released on June 10.As the same time,Nubia Z17 running nubia UI 5.0 based on Android 7.1 system, the battery capacity of 3200mAh.

Nubia Z17 also jointly QUALCOMM launched QC4 + fast charge technology. The new technology has two enhanced features of dual charging, intelligent thermal balance, and more advanced safety features, which can increase the charging speed by 15% or increase the charging efficiency by 30%. In addition, the use of dual parallel intelligent security charging, while multiple temperature control measures, so that charging faster and more efficient and more secure, battery life than ordinary batteries extended by 10 months.So in the upcoming release of the new phone,like Meizu Pro 7, do not know whether it will be used fast charge 4.0 technology.