Nubia official has been advised, scheduled for June 1 held a new conference, is expected to be released a new flagship machine--Nubia Z17.
nubia z17 smartphone
Previously, GeekBench has appeared nubia NX563J on the Snapdragon 835 + 4G memory , now run sub-data updates, running memory increased to 6GB.It means that Z17 will have at least two configurations of 4GB and 6GB,perhaps it also has 8GB memory.

From the exposure of infromation,Z17 will be equipped with Snapdragon 835 processor with 5.5 inchs 1080P screen with no border.Unlike Nubia z17mini,it has IP67 waterproof.The camera is still very great,23MP+12MP camera can let you remember every unfogettable moment.

Nubia z17 will be same as xiaomi mi6 pro ,using ceramic rear shell.But xiaomi mi6 has been released nearly two months,the ceramic of xiaomi mi6 pro still out os stock.So will z17 be out of stock immediately?Recently, the most worth looking forward to the three mobile phones are Oneplus 5, Nubia Z17 and OPPO R11.And we only know z17 will be released on June 1,the rest of two smartphones we don’t know their release date.When they all released ,it is hard to chooce which one to buy.