Nubia has released several new machines that became the popular version either for the high equipments or for the design of the full screen, and consider from all the aspects that we recommend the phone of the Nubia Z17Mini, and recently it has cut 300 yuan for sell that it is the best opportunity to buy it on the Pompmall.

Nubia Z17Mini

Z17mini is the second phone for the Nubia with dual camera that it is equipped with color + black and white dual 13 million pixel exclusive custom Sony camera while the Nubia Z17S is equipped with four cameras that take pictures faster and more clearly, and the overall photo effect far exceeds the same price mobile phone.

The body of the Nubia Z17Mini as thin as 7.45 mm, and it supports the battery life ups to 2 days that it combines the high appearance and long life function. What’s more, it is equipped with Snapdragon 653 processor that although it can not compared to the Nubia Z19 while it is equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor, its performance is still amazing compared to the other models.

Z17Mini also support the pay-screen payment that the pay speed is faster and easier to use compared to the phone of the Nubia Z17 miniS. Except the 6GB RAM version that the 4GB version is also a good choice to purchase for it with the wonderful camera performance.