Nubia Z17S came to the Ministry of Industry, but because the element is a black body, so do not see the screen and the border, which leaves suspense for us. Today, there are several clear pictures about the Z17S on the internet that makes it without doubt that the configuration of it is very clear.

Nubia Z17S

From the picture we know that the Z17S uses a borderless full-screen design that the official called the full screen 2.1. The back side is the glass body with four surface design. There is an arc transaction between the border and glass that to a certain degree to enhance the feeling of holding that it is easy and convenient to bring it like the phone of the Nubia Z17.

As for the configuration, it uses a 5.73-inch screen that is much bigger than the Nubia Z17 Mini with the resolution of 1920 × 1080, and the CPU frequency is 1.8GHz. In addition, it equipped with 6 / 8GB memory, 64/128 storage specifications that will enough for us to use it. What’s more important is that both front and back sides are equipped with a dual camera that has never applied on the other phones like the Nubia Z17miniS with the battery capacity of 3000mAh and support waterproof.

The official of the Nubia is preparing it as planned before in order to make it release earlier to earn more market share, will it be popular like the phone of the Nubia Z17?