Oneplus 5 conference will be held in Shenzhen on June 21.From the details of the exposure, Oneplus 5 is worth a purchase of mobile phone.
oneplus 5
Oneplus 5 will also carry Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB memory, which is the third domestic mobile phone using Snapdragon 835 processor, the first two phones are Xiaomi mi6 and Nubia Z17,which has been relesed a few days.It is biggest selling point should be the camera, the front 16 million pixels for the self-timer, and coupled with dual-shot design, rear camera should be 16 MP +20MP.However, its battery is also worthy of attention. Oneplus 3T equipped with a 3400mAh battery, DashCharge fast charge specifications for the 5V / 4A. And Oneplus 5 3300mAh battery capacity, the use of a new generation of fast charge technology, only half an hour charge, you can use a whole day.

In the shape of its use of metal integrated body, still use the front can not press the fingerprint design, the same side to retain the three-stage silent mode switch. The back is a dual camera, perhaps the use of optical zoom settings. Fuselage antenna is not surprising to do the adjustment, with the fuselage lines more fit.

In addtion to Oneplus 5 will be released.Other brand mobile also have released their new phones,such OPPO released OPPO R11 on June 10.It also puts the camera as the main selling point.Although oneplus 5 will be released,mobile phone market competition is still very intense.