OnePlus phone has always been the top level in the industry, and it is popular both at domestic and abroad. A year later,it will release the OnePlus 5, let's to have a look about this phone in advance.

OnePlus 5 with the world's strongest snapdragon 835 processor,which will gives us a faster speed than OnePlus 3. It equiped with 5.5 inch 2K screen, opperated with 8GB RAM and 64\128GB ROM according to the leaked news from Gizok.It has improved a lot on the basic of OnePlus 2 for the sake of providing high quality and service to the customers.

As for the camera, the main camera for the 23 MP, and OnePlus5 will also use a comprehensive screen design,the fingerprint function is arranged in the back. It will use 3500mAh large battery, and support fast charging technology, which was not appeared on the OnePlus 3.

It is reported that this time OnePlus 5 will use the glass body and dual camera design,will it be popular like OnePlus 3T? are you look forward to it?