Recently, there is much news about the new machine of the OnePlus 5T, and it has earned many people’s attention that a few days ago, there is a foreign electronic business website appeared the page of the 5T to support pre-order, which not only confirmed the name of the new machine of the OnePlus, but also let us know its configurations in detail.

OnePlus 5T

As shown in the picture that the OnePlus 5T will be on November 16 to accept user reservations. According to the leaked date that the date of the release conference should be on November 16 before or after, but whether it will be released first at abroad as usual before like the OnePlus 3T is not known that there is a media reported that it will be released on November 20 before that is much possible.

In addition, the foreign users have recently exposed its real machine photos that the machine design style is very similar to the model of the OnePlus 5 that should also be 18: 9 full screen design with the front fingerprint key placed on the back side, and the back side of the phone still uses metal body design.

Configuration, OnePlus 5T may equipped with Snapdragon 835 processor that the speed will be really amazing and unforgettable with 6GB / 8GB large RAM, rear 20 million pixels +16 million pixel dual camera that the aperture reaches to F1.7, and 3450mAh battery. Do you like it?