There are several new mobiles release everyday in the mobile market at domestic and abroad, and the system of each brand also update quickly. OnePlus has officially released its new machine of the OnePlus 5T several days ago in Beijing.

OnePlus 5T

As the annual flagship, OnePlus 5T is still the top match of the Android camp. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which is equal to the Kirin 970 processor applied on the Huawei Honor V10, plus 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM that there is no doubt for its excellent performance.

However, it is still equipped with Android 7.1 OS as the Android 8.0 has already released. Why 5T is not directly equipped with Android 8.0 like the phone of the Xiaomi Mi7? In response to this problem, the boss of the OnePlus explained at the press conference: Domestic APP compatibility of the new system is not very good, and it need time to adapt.

In fact, OnePlus has tested the Android 8.0 OS for a long time ago, and the reason for did not push the official version is that the domestic application market environment adapts to the large version of Android lag. When the customers face the problem of application flashback, Caton, not compatible and not smooth, which is common problem for the phones like the OnePlus 5, that they will think the machine is not good instead of the problem of the applications.

In order to avoid the problems as above, the official decide to push the Android 8.0 OS while the Huawei Nova 3 is equipped with the Android 8.0 from the factory. As for the time, OnePlus 5 will be open beta of the Andrroid 8.0 in December, OnePlus 5T will start in January next year, and the official version will release in February.