The screen appearance that similar to the screen of the iPhone X is very popular now, for many manufacturers are try to produce their new machine with close design to attract more people’s attention, including the Huawei, Xiaomi and the other brands. Recently, the new flagship of the OnePlus 6 has leaked much information on the internet.

OnePlus 6

From the previous exposure news we know that the OnePlus will take action and release its new machine of OnePlus 6, for it will release its new model in May every year like the phone of the OnePlus 5, that the next generation is under enough prepare that will meet with us soon.

Now, there is a picture that is said to be the configuration of the OnePlus 6, which is equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor with the help of the 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM memory combination that is much bigger than the OnePlus 5T and it is big enough for us to download the games and movies to entertain in our spare time.

In addition, it is equipped with dual rear 16.0MP+20.0MP cameras that the pictures will be natural and beautiful on the basis of the 6.2 inch screen, which will bring us a colorful and clear vision during whatever we do with it like the phone of the Huawei P20 that we have waited for a long time.

Last but not least, as we said above that the release time of the OnePlus 6 is about in May that the Xiaomi Mi7 is said to be released in June, which is not make the long difference. If the time said to release is true for them, which one you will choose?