OnePlus phone co-founder Carl Pei said that the OnePlus 2 will be the only flagship from the company for the year 2015, but leaks around another OnePlus smartphone called OnePlus X / OnePlus Mini have already started taking place.

OnePlus X

OnePlus X or OnePlus Mini would have a 5-inch display and be running last year's Snapdragon 801. That sounded promising for a device that's supposed to come in at $250, but what about the rest of the specs?

To see the feature on what should be a "lesser" smartphone that costs nearly $100 less has to be a major kick in the teeth, and we're shocked OnePlus would consider it at all. Perhaps they don't want to be blasted for excluding it? Who knows, but to have the now-standard feature on a more affordable model while those with the supposed "2016 flagship killer" have to do without would be pretty irritating to say the least, and we'd say this is a pretty bad way to apologize for the shortcomings of the OnePlus 2, "2017 flagship killer" - OnePlus 3 will be released in the first quarter of next year.

In our OnePlus 2 review we had noticed that some performance and battery issues have crept up in the phone, after using it for more than a month. The OnePlus 2 camera continues to be impressive and offers some really good quality shots even in low-light.

OnePlus 2 64GB with 4GB RAM is priced at $429 and is currently available on GizOK. Users will need an invite to get the new smartphone. It remains to be seen if OnePlus X will also have an invite system when it eventually launches.