OPPO R9 series can be described as the biggest surprise in domestic mobile phone last year, 3,000 yuan with more than 20 million units sales, creating a new myth of domestic mobile phone. In fact, from the single sales, R series is not OPPO's best performance, positioning slightly lower A series performance is actually better.
oppo a77
OPPO R11 released this year on June 10, in more than a month's time, R11's sales are higher than last year OPPO R9s. Today, OPPO quietly in the official website of the A series of new OPPO A77, compared to the A series of products before, the configuration has been greatly improved, of course, the prices also rose.

Specifically, the shape of the A77 and R9 series are similar, but the back of the double camera to a single camera, the rest is not much difference. In the configuration, the use of high-pass Snapdragon 625 octe core 2GHz processor, using 5.5-inch 1080p display, built-in 4GB memory and 64GB body storage space, providing front 16 million pixel camera and rear 13 million pixel camera, support dual card dual standby to the whole network, the battery capacity 3200mAh. The new machine runs ColorOS 3.1 system, supports fingerprint payment, application screen and other functions.When you see the camera,we may think of VIVO X9s,the camera is so powful,which has 20MP+5MP front camera.As for the price, A77 priced at 2199 yuan,but the current official website shows out of stock status.