The front side of the OPPO R11 Plus uses a 6.0-inch TFT-LCD large screen, resolution 1920x1080 pixels, and equipped with Snapdragon 660 mobile platform octa-core processor, the highest 6GB +64 GB storage combination. Also, it built-in 4000mAh large capacity battery, equipped with a new ColorOS 3.1 operating system, and supports dual card dual standby function.

This phone can be said to be completely designed for the depth of mobile phone users. Except the above mentioned configuration, OPPO combinate the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 mobile platform to jointly customize and optimize the flagship image processor - Qualcomm Spectra 160 ISP, which promotes the rear-professional portrait mode, including the background blur, intelligent exposure, Intelligent skin tone adjustment, beauty algorithm and other camera functions.

OPPO R11 Plus Review

The fuselage whole with a all-metal design, the front side looks round and crystal clear. The left and right of the machine's microphone are light sensors and front camera, which looks symmetrical and neat. As the machine does not set the physical buttons, so the phone screen share is high that reaching 78%, and the 6.0-inch screen can be said to be the appropriate size both for play games or daily use.

OPPO R11 Plus Review

The volume of the machine is placed on the left side of the phone, and the power button placed in the right side, which is in cate for most people's using habits. The microchannels that appear on the OPPO R9s changes into curves along the upper and lower edges, which becomes almost invisible "micro-slotted antenna 2.0", allowing the machine to be more integrated. The antenna is only 0.5mm wide that is more delicate than the OPPO R9s and also became a major feature after the OPPO R11 series has improved in the appearance.

OPPO R11 Plus Review

When Play the popular game of "King of Honor", the large screen brings the users a comfortableexperience. What's more, its border has narrowed to 1.6mm, which makes the mobile phone looks more beautiful and gives us a sense of pleasing. At the same time it carries with the U-shaped pipe spray technology which was searched and developed by OPPO independent that makes the screen is more unbounded and particularly tough.

OPPO R11 Plus Review

In addition, the most significant difference from the back side is the rear dual camera, which is the first time for the OPPO R series to use the dual camera program. 16 million wide-angle +2000 million telephoto camera and face focus technology that ensure the OPPO R11 Plus can take a clear picture from the most basic Level.

OPPO R11 Plus uses ColorOS 3.1, which is based on the Android 7.1.1, since the ColorOS 3 that the OPPO UI style has pay much attention on the efficiency while also focus on the simple style, and the 3.1 has performed a color redraw compared to the previous system. It is said that the UI page of the font also has changes on the size and the color in order to use better contrast presentation information.

According to the conference that in the ColorOS 3.1, according to the user's habits, OPPO has make some optimization to the 64 common scenes, which makes the camera, album, WeChat, microblogging, QQ and other common software to open faster than the ColorOS 3. 0 version and average increased 23.9%. At the same time, OPPO has improved the slide fluency on the software of the a lot of data interface: microblogging home page, WeChat friends circle, Friend updates in the QQ space are sliding better and more smooth.

In order to cope with the increasingly frequent mobile payment scenaries, OPPO R11 series built a new fast payment channel that without looking for APP, just from the bottom of the phone screen pop-up control center, you can choose a convenient way to pay.

In order to avoid the sudden calls to bring troubles to play the game, OPPO R11 series in the latest firmware joins the call suspension function that the game system calls from full screen to suspension and the interface has to answer hang up key, also you can ignore the call. When the fighting situation is fierce, only need to gently draw on the suspension interface can easily ignore it and continue to play the game. However, due to the current call suspension function has just launched, third-party voice and video calls temporarily do not support.

In addition, the control center also built-in OPPO share real-time data transmission, whose use is similar to Apple's AirDrop, using Bluetooth pairing, WiFi direct connection that the two mobile phone can quickly share files at zero traffic, whether it is a daily sharing of documents or travel party Pass photos that are faster and more convenient.

OPPO R11 Plus Review

Screen brightness is an important indicator about the screen of the mobile phone. Our experience shows that only the maximum brightness of the screen more than 500 Nite in order to ensure that the screen has good readability in the light, below 400 Nate is relatively difficult to see clear in the strong light. Color temperature refers to the color of the screen is cold or warm. Usually we will let the phone display at the pure white under the situation of the D65 standard ambient brightness, if the screen color temperature closer to 6500K that it shows it is close to the standard. The value of the NTSC color gamut is the degree of bright of the screen display. The more higher of the NTSC color gamut value, the more colorful the screen color is.

OPPO R11 Plus Review

OPPO R11 series with rear 16 million pixel wide-angle lens and 20 million pixel telephoto lens combination, wide-angle lens aperture up to F1.7, even the zoom to see the details of the photo, the picture is still clear. Through two different focal lengths of the camera and software algorithms, achieving the function of dual camera zoom, up to 10X digital zoom. In particular, the rear dual camera combination brings twice the optical zoom with professional portrait mode.

OPPO R11 Plus Review OPPO R11 Plus Review

Post-professional portrait mode can achieve "beauty + smart exposure + background blur + skin tone adjustment" effect; and the front also upgraded to the background blur 2.0 with the software HDR, and optimize the beauty algorithm. Compared with the ordinary model, the most obvious difference of the professional portrait mode is the background blur effect.

OPPO R11 Plus Review OPPO R11 Plus Review OPPO R11 Plus Review

Here to enjoy more photos taken by it.. You can see that the dual-camera zoom have a certain effect in taking pictures. With two cameras to achieve a 10X digital zoom that can see the font on the distance building clearly.

OPPO R11 Plus Review OPPO R11 Plus Review OPPO R11 Plus Review

OPPO has make a intelligent adjustment toward the excessive exposure, backlight and other environmental that through the 3D technology for face recognition, and then make a special optimization in order to solve the uneven skin and uneven color situation.

Resolution is the ability to distinguish the details of the original material, the better the resolution is, the better to control the detail, and the details of the transition part will be more natural.

Color difference ΔE is actually measured by the gap between the color and the real color. The greater the gap, the more serious color cast. In general, the blue light distribution is most likely to deviate, next is the red, and the green is relatively stable.

The next is the picture about the R11 Plus shooting dynamic range.

OPPO R11 Plus using Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 mobile platform, clocked at 2.2GHz + 1.8GHz,which using 14nm octa core design that the chip area will become smaller. Comparing to Snapdragon 653 with 28nm CPU, the performance of the 14nm process has increased by 20%, Adreno512 GPU has upgraded 30% than the previous generation 510.

Snapdragon 660 mobile platform for the first time in the Snapdragon 600 series that use support vector extension (HVX) Qualcomm Hexagon 680 DSP, which support high-performance with low-power imaging, computer vision and machine intelligent load processing that makes a large number of audio and video processing tasks to the DSP rather than CPU in order to make the phone with lower power consumption and make the CPU have more space to deal with other tasks. What's more,the optimized software library supports TensorFlow and Halide.

Snapdragon 660 integrated Snapdragon X12 LTE modem with the new SDR660 RF transceiver, which is the first in the Snapdragon 600 series support the Cat.13 standard with 600Mbps peak downlink data rate. Also Snapdragon 660 supports 2x2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Comparing to the Snapdragon 652, the data throughput can be doubled and the power consumption of download has down to 60%.

While benefiting from the Snapdragon X12 LTE modem, which also improve the Wi-Fi signal coverage, so that the situation of no signal at home is disappeared. In addition, the modem also supports advanced features such as LTE / Wi-Fi antenna sharing and dual-band concurrent (DBS) operations, which are designed to dynamically optimize signal quality under a variety of user conditions, supporting extensive network coverage and superior data and voice experience.

The Snapdragon 660 mobile platform is a follow-up product of Snapdragon 653, which achieved 20% CPU performance through Qualcomm Kryo 260, and the GPU performance has improved 30% through Qualcomm Adreno 512, which has ensure the better game and multimedia experience for the users.

OPPO has optimized R11's flagship image processor, further breakthroughs technology limitations in smart phone camera, which achieve a smooth optical zoom, fast auto focus, more realistic picture color and stunning low light camera effect. In addition, the Snapdragon 660 mobile platform provides 4K video capture and playback capabilities, and also supports up to 8GB memory and Vulkan API.

OPPO R11 Plus Review

OPPO R11 series as the first one to equipped with Snapdragon 660 and listed on the sale in the smart phones market, which is Positioning after the Snapdragon 835 as the mid-range SoC. OPPO R9s Plus with the Snapdragon 653 which has improved a little on the basis of Snapdragon 652. From the run point comparison, Snapdragon 660's GPU Adreno 512 is higher than the Snapdragon 653's Adreno 510, and it has the obvious advantage on the performance.

OPPO R11 Plus Review

OPPO R11 Plus uses 6GB large running memory that even open a dozen background applications, it still runs smooth and comfortable when playing the King of Honor. In addition,4000 mAh battery upgrade is also a major selling point of this phone, and also supports 5V-4A fast charge technology that it with no pressure even you play the king of Honor for the whole day.

OPPO R11 Plus Review

As for the life part of the OPPO R11 Plus,it builds into the 4000mAh large capacity battery in the 7.8mm slim body. To be sure that you do not need to charge the phone while playing the king of Honor any longer. It is said that it can charge about 63% under half an hour with the flashing 5V / 4A tecknology.

OPPO R11 Plus Review

OPPO still focus their attention on the camera, and the portrait mode, 2 times lossless zoom has increased more scenes for the users, which extend to solve the specific circumstances defect through the camera's function. OPPO R11 Plus with a larger screen, greater running memory and greater battery capacity in the R11 series that is a great upgrade from the consumer experience and use experience.