According to the newest research report from the Counterpoint that the top three of the mobile at domestic market have a stable increase and the brand of the OPPO ranked the No. 1. On the other hand, its new machine of the OPPO R11s is said to be the next popular one that more and more people choose this brand, especially for the young people.


The R series of the OPPO have become the banner after the release of the OPPO R11. OPPO has always been known for its youthful fashion design philosophy. It brings a variety of different fashion elements into the OPPO R series like the OPPO R11 Plus and launches a variety of customized versions that become the choice for more young people for the camera phone.

OPPO released its first full screen mobile phone R11s on November 2, which have been fully upgraded in terms of photographing, exterior design and system application on the basis of the previous generation explosion model of the OPPO R11.

It equipped with a 6-inch full screen in 18: 9 ratio that it is the same size of the OPPO R9s Plus. According to industry chain stakeholders, this screen on the OPPO R11s is currently the best screen quality at this resolution and comes from the top full screen supplier.

It as the update version of the R11 that the performance of the camera has improved a lot that the aperture of the rear camera update to double f / 1.7 aperture that the picture quality will be better than the OPPO R9s. Front camera as an important part for the performance that it is the first time for the OPPO to use the AI beauty program. Above all the information, there is no doubt that the OPPO R11s will be very popular in the China market.