There is about half a month for the coming of the New Year Festival in China that several Nubia mobile phones are reducing their prices to welcome this grand festival such as the Nubia Z17. Are you ready to purchase one for yourself?

Nubia Z17

This promotion will last until January 31 that the Z17 6+64GB sells for 2299yuan while the 8+64GB with the price of 2499 yuan that is much cheaper than the phone of the Nubia Z17S who is equipped with the Snapdragon 835 processor.

The Z17 is equipped with dual rear 23.0MP+12.0MP cameras that support 2 times optical zoom and will bring us the clear and natural pictures. Nubia Z17 Mini is a mid-end flagship that is equipped with the Snapdragon 652 processor with a 5.2 inch screen that is a little smaller than the Nubia Z19 while it will equip with a 5.7 inch screen with a 13.0MP back camera that the performance will be wonderful, and this time it with the price of 1099 yuan.

Nubia Z17 miniS with the selling points of high-value and high performance, which uses exquisite 3D curved glass body with the color of black gold and blue with the help of the Snapdragon 653 processor plus 8GB RAM that the running speed will be fast and smooth that the price is 1699 yuan in the activity.