VIVO X9s is just a simple small update for VIVO mobile phone, and the real flagship machine to be announced in September. According to the exposure of the news, vivo has its VIVO X20 and VIVO X20A two models of the new machine access to the radio launch model approval, all with the whole network function, so in September this year, the release of a comprehensive screen machine is X20 and X20A .
vivo x20
Before the test site exposure data shows that, vivo in the preparation of Snapdragon 660 new machine, equipped with 5.5-inch screen, built-in 4GB memory, running Android 7.1.1 system. From the model point of view ,it should be positioned higher than the vivo X9s series of products. The new machine will also be equipped with a full screen (non-curved screen). In addition, the X20's biggest surprise should be focused on the camera,it is said to be equipped with 12 million pixel camera for the front and the back, and the camera sensor each pixel will be composed of two photosensitive elements, the object will be stored when the left and right images to achieve fast focus, and image quality is more clear. Speaking of mobile phone camera, and now a lot of mobile phones put the phone camera as the main selling point, like vivo mobile phone opponents is OPPO, which recently released OPPO R11, but also the main mobile phone camera.

However, for vivo X20, we do not know whether it will add the screen to unlock the fingerprint technology, if not, it may use facial recognition function. But vivo x20 will certainly add new technology, like the latest release Meizu mobile phone Meizu pro 7 and meizu pro 7 plus. Using the main screen + vice screen design, the back of the screen can display the weather and other features and it also has dual cameras. It looks like a very nice phone.