As huawei mobile phone 2015 new flagship model, Mate S collection of all-metal design, glass polishing fillet, 5.5 inches full HD AMOLED display, a "double diamond cutting" edge chamfering, thickest is only 7.2mm. Back metal arc curve design, Touch Force press touch technology as well as the new back fingerprint recognition device, so Huawei Mate S called 2015 the year's most innovative phone design.

Huawei Mate S

With its impeccable design, Huawei Mate S won the America's most authoritative scientific media Android Authority awarded 2015 IFA Best Smartphone award. Moreover, Mate S is the most technical online magazine GIGA awarded the 2015 IFA best equipment, 2015 IFA the most innovative mobile phone, 2015 IFA best design mobile phone major awards.

After the Mate S launch , a number of New York Times, CNBC and other authoritative foreign media have also given Mate S high rating: "Mate S phones are new features upper and lower body, obviously, Huawei is trying to do to make their products in the market unique. "

As HUAWEI's consumer business CEO said in an interview with the German daily, huawei in the smartphone market's goal is: "to become the market first". HUAWEI Mate S release so that HUAWEI mobile phone brand awareness in the country has been much improved. HUAWEI Mate S not only in the global market has achieved a degree of concern, but also let the industry see HUAWEI's continued force in the high-end market and its strategic layout of the international market occupied by the occupation.