Recently, Huawei P10 and Samsung s8 have a high argument, is it to choose Huawei P10 or Samsung S8? Now let's take a look at their comparison. HUAWEI P10 SMARTPHONE

Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus equipped with Kirin 960 processor, the first use of frontal fingerprints, while the camera using the second generation Leica dual photo and Leica portrait photography.So that mobile phone photography features usher in a higher breakthrough.However Samsung S8 will completely abandon the previous three button design, remove the Home button, using ultra-high screen than the surface screen design, a substantial increase in the proportion of the front screen.In the price, S8's price is $289.8 higher than P10.Then what is the difference in running speed?

The first,the phone is switched.Boot speed S8 faster than Huawei P10.Second,the system comes with application speed.Dial P10 faster, they set the speed almost.Third,tripartite application.Many of these applications are similar in speed, but sometimes the P10 is faster.

Through the comparison of Huawei P10 and Samsung S8, people who want to change the phone should know which one to choose. In addition, Huawei mate 10 will be released, which also is a worth looking forward to the phone.