The series of the VIVO X20 with 18:9 screen ratio surrounded by a substantial narrow, the border is only 7.7mm, and the bottom frame is 8.1mm that the screen up to 85.3% of the X20 and 86.11% of the VIVO X20 Plus, which has earned a lot people’ attention.
vivo x20
It is not only has a unique full screen, but also uses a dome-type U-shaped antenna with 3D large arc surface design on the back side that has never applied on the phone of the VIVO X9, providing Gold, Rose Gold, Frosted Black, Blue, Red and White these six colors, which looks fashion and no lack of personality.

The full screen makes no place to put the front fingerprint, so Vivo X20 takes the 128 facial biometric features of the security identification technology—face wake that is the same as the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, not only can reach as fast as 0.1 seconds to identify the speed, but also the first Android phone with "lift wrist" technology with security experience while the VIVO Xplay6 equipped with the fingerprint recognition.

How about other features? Except the improvement of the screen, it also with much progress on the camera that both the X20 and the X20 Plus equipped with 2 × 12 million pixel camera with 24 million photographic units that the quality of the picture will be really amazing and unforgettable.

It equipped with Snapdragon 660 processor with 3245mAh battery for the X20 and 3905mAh battery for the X20 Plus that the performance will much better than the VIVO Y67A. It is said that it will be sold on September 30 with 2998 yuan for the X20 and 3498yuan for the X20 Plus, are you ready to get one?