Vivo released two new mobile phones, respectively Vivo X9s and Vivo X9s Plus in Beijing in the evening of July 6, they are the previous generation of the main models of X9 and X9 Plus upgrade.
vivo x9s
"Light your beauty" this sentence in the vivo X7 phone has appeared ,which on the front soft camera, very suitable for portrait self-timer. After the Vivo X9 and X9s Plus are based on the soft flash to join the front dual camera design, but also the market's first front dual camera phone. X9s and X9s Plus continue the characteristics of the previous generation of the camera, but on this basis, also carried out the details of the adjustment and enhance the function.

Vivo X9s and X9s Plus using the front of 2000W pixels, adding intellectual beauty 3.5, so that your self-timer picture is more delicate and moving; portrait double photo virtual, so that more prominent self-timer. Rear camera set to find the night, motion anti-shake, backlight mode in one, X9s and X9s Plus launched full automatic camera mode. You just open the camera, the phone will automatically detect the scene and match the camera mode, you can shoot a hand.Recently, MWC2017 Shanghai station, vivo announced the DSP camera technology, and now they use the X9s Plus "independent DSP image optimization chip", can directly deal with the most primitive RAW file, and improve the processing speed; more valuable is, DSP Giving the X9s Plus the ability to take night scenes and backlit photos.

Vivo X9s/x9s plus appearance of the details of the adjustment, which X9s thickness of 6.99mm, X9s Plus only 7.25mm. Using a new side of the face treatment process, the size of the back of the double-arc transition design, so that the product appears to be more slender. Although the thickness is very thin but further enhance the battery capacity, X9s battery capacity increased to 3300mAh capacity, X9s Plus upgrade to more than 4000mAh. Processor has also been improved, X9s use Snapdragon 652 processor, X9s Plus using Snapdragon 653 processor.

As for the price, the X9s price of 2698 yuan, July 14 to open the pre-sale, July 20 sale; X9s Plus price 2998 yuan, is now open to make an appointment, July 8 officially opened.And recently released phone,such as Huawei Honor 9 and Oneplus 5 ,almost all of this price and they have a similar functions.