Xiaomi 5X hold a conference in July 26 , and it also released a new generation of MIUI 9 system. Recently, xiaomi co-founder, MIUI responsible person Hong Feng interview, talked about the MIUI 9 design concept, and for the first time revealed the future development of MIUI direction.

MIUI 10 MIUI 9 focused on improving the efficiency of the system, through the 12 black technology on the bottom of the optimization, the main "fast as lightning", while the history of the largest size of the thin, for some non-just need to , Very low frequency, less user function to do a simple, involving a total of more than 50 system functions. At the same time, in-depth polished three users most in need of innovative features: transfer, information assistant and photo search. The current xiaomi mi6, xiaomi redmi note 4x (Qualcomm version) and xiaomi 5X, will officially usher in the development of MIUI9 beta on August 11. The MIUI9 development version upgrade in two ways: OTA online upgrade and manual line brush machine. According to the MIUI forum announcement, it is already the latest development version of MIUI8 users, you can upgrade through the OTA way to MIUI9. If you have previously used MIUI stable version, you need to clear the data (brush before the backup to the cloud service or local), the use of brush to brush into the MIUI9 development version.

At present, some third-party App function has been done very comprehensive, MIUI need to create the core competitiveness of the operating system. The next MIUI 10 will make MIUI 9 more perfect. MIUI 10 is the direction of the machine dialogue, through dialogue, you can achieve information transfer and information integration. MIUI 9 will be Android's system as fast as possible, and MIUI 10 began to move toward the direction of artificial intelligence. MIUI users have exceeded 280 million, if MIUI10 really come, MIUI users will continue to increase. In addition, xiaomi mi mix 2 will be released in the second half of this year, it will be directly equipped with MIUI9 system, the function will be more powerful.