Xiaomi phone in order to meet the needs of Chinese users, Xiaomi would snapdragon 615 processor replacement for stronger performance of snapdragon 808, also named also changed to Xiaomi 4C.

Xiaomi Mi 4C Specs, Price announced

Xiaomi 4c is equipped with a 5 inch 1080p display, equipped snapdragon 808 six-core processor, built-in 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, providing a 500W pixel front camera and a 1300W pixel rear camera, support dual card dual standby.

So, Xiaomi 4c of the price will be? IHS Technology indicates that Xiaomi 4c price is 1199 yuan. Relatively speaking, the price is relatively close, at present most of the messages are believed Xiaomi 4c price will not exceed Xiaomi Mi4 of 1,499 yuan, overall, 1299 yuan is more ideal, but 1199 yuan is very likely. As for the 1099 and 999 yuan will not, such pricing is bound to cause a certain impact on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2.

If Xiaomi 4c really pricing 1199 yuan, so it is almost no competition in this price range, snapdragon 808 and full network is bound to attract a large number of users to buy. In addition, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 direct supply is very successful, it is expected Xiaomi 4c will adopt the same strategy.