In front of the iPhone 8, Xiaomi to show their strongest flagship mobile phone this year --xiaomi mi mix 2. In fact, for the first generation, the shape has been very cool, then how to upgrade the second generation, which is the most concern of many users.

Compared to the back of the fuselage, Xiaomi MIX2 positive of the most interesting, and this is the highlight of the phone. China Unicom recently issued a poster, wish this milestone launch of this new machine smooth, of course, with the bright spot in the figure or the outline of the phone. There is no doubt that the poster should be Xiaomi MIX2 positive photo. At first glance with the Xiaomi MIX generation is no big difference, but the most obvious is the screen under the forehead narrow a lot, which also means that the screen will occupy a breakthrough 91.3%.

From the current exposure details, Xiaomi MIX2 screen size from 6.4 inches to 6 inches (LCD screen), a resolution of 1080 × 2160 (18: 9 FHD +), the middle frame changed to metal,the lower cost, more resistant throw, more suitable for mass production, as well as ceramic version. But the ceramic version will be difficult to buy, like Xiaomi mi6 pro ceramic version, just out of almost no grab. As for the configuration of the Xiaomi mi mix 2, equipped with Snapdragon 835 +6GB / 8GB memory, first equipped with 3D sensing lens, support for facial recognition, entry version of the price is 3999 yuan, while the top with version is 4999 yuan.

In addition to Xiaomi mix 2, Xiaomi recently released low-end mobile Xiaomi 5x and Xiaomi redmi note 5a,which are low-cost and cost-effective products, received user favorite. While the second half of the Xiaomi will also be released xiaomi redmi ntoe 5 .