Xiaomi official announced that it will be held a new products conference at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium on September 11, officially released Xiaomi mi mix 2. Coincidentally, after Xiaomi MIX 2 released one day, Apple will be held Iphone 8 conference, it seems that competition is fierce.

On the Xiaomi MIX2, the official description is "full screen 2.0 come", which is a perfect evolution. Xiaomi MIX 2 screen ratio from 17: 9 evolved to 18: 9, the screen size from 6.4 inches down to 6 inches , the screen will make the screen black border, chin, the box in the visual more obvious, and it finally can single hand hold up. It is said that the box changed to metal, lower cost, more resistant to fall, more suitable for mass production. Because of design radical, coupled with the ceramic body, the first generation of Xiaomi mi mix released several months after the realization of large-scale supply of Xiaomi. So Xiaomi mix 2 can mass production, for Xiaomi MIX 2, is the biggest good news.

The latest news shows that Xiaomi mi mix  will join the facial recognition function, the latest MIUI9 development version has been able to search for "add facial data" function, but the function should not have been officially released, if it has the function, should be used on mix2. In addition, Xiaomi mix 2 will carry Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB memory started. The price is about 4000 yuan. After Xiaomi MIX 2 released in Beijing, the future will visit the Taiwan market. Xiaomi will be released in New Delhi, Indiaa new dual-camera Xiaomi mi A1 in New Delhi, India on September 5, that is, Xiaomi 5X facelift . And these two new machines will also be sold in Taiwan.