Xiaomi to be held a new conference in Beijing University of Technology at two o'clock this afternoon, the protagonist is Xiaomi new generation of flagship Xiaomi mi mix 2, in addition, there are Xiaomi mi note 3 will also be released.

From the current exposure of information, Xiaomi MIX 2 shape on the continuation of the first generation of Xiaomi mi mix design style, but the difference is that the bottom of the screen a lot of narrow border, screen ratio will exceed 91.3%, while the phone frame replaced Metal material, which is also for faster mass production, while reducing the corresponding cost. Xiaomi MIX2 screen size from 6.4 inches down to 6 inches (LCD screen), a resolution of 1080 × 2160 (18: 9 FHD +), equipped with Snapdragon 835 +6GB/ 8GB memory, first equipped with 3D sensing lens, support the face Recognition function, the standard price is 3999 yuan, while the top version is 4999 yuan.

In addition, there is news that Xiaomi mi mix 2 the handset was adjusted to improve the inconvenience of the previous generation of the call. In addition to it, Xiaomi this conference will have a new machine debut, that is Xiaomi Note 3. In simple terms, Xiaomi Note 3 is like a "large Xiaomi mi6", which is equipped with a 5.46-inch 1080p screen, rear dual-shots and Xiaomi 6 consistent, the front camera upgrade to 16 million similar, equipped with Snapdragon 660 and 6GB of memory.

In Xiaomi note3 in the case of the mid-market, it is expected Xiaomi mix2 will be xiaomi new flagship machine. To Xiaomi mix2 brand awareness, to attract users to buy more cost-effective Xiaomi note 3 to pull the shipments. Xiaomi note 3 will become a line under the explosive phone. Prior to this, Xiaomi released low-end mobile phone Xiaomi mi 5x and Xiaomi redmi note 5a, has been made under the line of good results. Now we are looking forward to Xiaomi new machine sales re-record.