How you guys can experience this brand new MIUI rom on your devices, which are currently on either official or un-official ROMs, word of cautions which need to taken during this migration & frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section, to answer all possible queries of users.

How to Migrate to MIUI 9
1. A first & foremost important thing before flashing your device, take note that first MIUI 9 ROM released is MIUI 9 China devloper ROM and its major update over existing MIUI 8.

2. So before you start please back-up your device data in two steps/level & then copy to laptop/PC/USB device
Step 1. Backing Up System & App Setting, through MIUI backup app or TWRP
Step 2. Backing up photos, videos & documents (manually copying & saving)

3. Remember MIUI 9 is major update, so fastboot flashing is recommended.

4. If currently you are on latest MIUI china developer ROM, and get OTA update you will able to flash MIUI 9 on your device through updater app, however it is recommended to hard reset your device once you enter in MIUI 9 first time, to avoid any unknown issues.

5. Do not try/attempt of flashing through TWRP or custom recovery, as at this moment of time it might be not compatiable with MIUI 9 and may results in flashing error.

6. Once you are through & fully migrated to MIUI 9, restore your backed up data with restore option in MIUI 9/TWRP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Question: Which is android version MIUI 9 available for MI Note 2?
Answer: Android 7 (Nougat)

Question: Is MIUI 9 ROM available in global rom version ?
Answer: Currently MIUI 9 is released for closed beta in china developer & as per announcement on 25th August onwards, it will be available for open beta testing in china developer version only. For global, beta & stable version, a separate announcement will follow.

Question: I am MI Note 2 user, why didnt I got update to MIUI 9?
Answer: MIUI 9 is currently in closed beta, will have regular OTA updates to MIUI 9 beta team members, however you can get fastboot ROM links daily from 18th August to 25th August here. You have/need to manually download & install it daily upto 25th August.

Question: Is MIUI 9 brought "Edge Feature" with it for MI Note 2?
Answer: No, initial MIUI 9 version doesnt come with edge feature.

Question: Can I use TWRP & root my device with MIUI 9?
Answer: As of now there is no confirmation on working TWRP or root on MIUI 9, however in coming future compatiable custom recovery/TWRP & root procedure will get available.

Question: Is Android Pay/NFC will work on MIUI 9.
Answer: No, As of now MIUI 9 is in developer vesrion & Android pay will not work with developer version (It will require to pass CTS certification)