Through the fingerprint identification unlock now is the standard function for the smartphone, but there is no technology without disadvantages, and more and more unlock technology is appeared like the design of the face unlock. According to the news from the Gizok that the Xiaomi Mi6 will also supports this function after update.
xiaomi mi6
The recently released machine of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 also has the face recognition function, although it is not as powerful as the iPhone X, but used to unlock is still without problem, which just the same as the self-timer screen that the phone will automatically identify facial features, after it matches the pre-set face data then it will be unlocked, which will be very convenient in Winter.

Today, Xiaomi Officially announced that if you upgrade to the latest MIUI experience version that Xiaomi Mi 6 can also equipped with the face recognition unlock function, and it is the same as theXiaomi Note 3, which has never applied on the other phones like the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 and the Xiaomi Mi 5X.

There is also some suggestions that the security of the face unlock is lower than unlock with the number or the pattern that there is also possible the phone will be unlocked by the person who looks alike you. In addition, there is much need to ensure that the facial features clearly visible, to avoid wearing a hat, sunglasses, masks, etc., and to ensure adequate light and avoid direct sunlight in order to improve the success rate of input when use the function of the face unlock. Xiaomi Mi 6 with such high equipments, There is no doubt that the performance of the next new flagship of the Xiaomi Mi7 will be excellent while the last generation with the wonderful use experience.