Recent reports have claimed that the Xiaomi Mi 7 could be the first Android smartphone to arrive with 3D facial recognition. The handset is rumored to debut in the first half of the year. However, a fresh report claims that the launch date of the upcoming Xiaomi flagship has been delayed to the third quarter of the year.

Xiaomi Mi7

Apparently, the 3D face sensing technology compatible with the Mi 7 will reportedly become available in Q3 2018 only. As per a new report by Digitimes, this is because of "a low success rate for facial recognition caused by slow adjustment processes of related software at Qualcomm." This means Xiaomi can do nothing but wait till the chipmaker finds a way to solve the software issue so its Mi 7 handset launches with 3D face sensing tech.

Chinese giant Huawei has also initiated efforts on the AI and 3D facial sensing fronts through its in-house HiSilicon Technologies and other third-party corporations although its flagship Huawei P20 series does not yet have the feature.

The report claims that Samsung may launch a smartphone with 3D sensing in 2019. Hence, Mi 7 driven by SD845 that is now rumored to arrive a bit late could be first Android phone to feature it.