Although Xiaomi is the first one who brings out the concept of the full screen design, there are not many machines of Xiaomi applied on this popular design, and it is said that the next new machine of the Xiaomi Mi7 will has much difference from the appearance of the last generation.Today, let’s see its detail information together.

Xiaomi Mi7

It is said that the Xiaomi 7 will equip with a 6.01 inches LED screen provided by the Samsung that will give us a colorful vision banquet like the phone of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. From the picture in the internet we know that the design style is similar to the phone of the Xiaomi Mi6 with the glass body that looks very beautiful, and it provides black, grey and blue three colors for us to choose.

As for the front side, there are many changes and both the around borders are very narrow that the front camera highly integrated in the screen border, while the breathing light is located in the lower right corner that is said to be compatible to the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3. How about the back side? The camera placed from horizontal to vertical, and the flash light in the middle of the double camera that is similar to the iPhone X.

What makes us more excited is the Snapdragon 845 processor plus the 6GB RAM that first applied on it while the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 just equipped with the Snapdragon 660 processor. In addition, although it without the function of the 3D face wake for the technology is not mature enough, but it is said that it will add the new function of wireless charge that is a big attract for the customers.