2017 full screen outbreak, Xiaomi released Xiaomi mix 2, Huawei will release Huawei Mate 10 soon. We can be expected to enter 2018, almost all of the flagship machine will be as standard. In the past the traditional frontal fingerprint key design, will gradually be eliminated.
xiaomi mi7
In addition, with the iPhone X, iPhone 8 new wireless charging, is expected to push this convenience to universal. According to gizok news, wireless power Union (Wireless Power Consortium) official website shows that in its core list of members, has been surprised to appear Xiaomi name. This means that Xiaomi has officially joined the wireless charging Union, and its next flagship machine, is expected to support the first wireless charging function. So Xiaomi mi7 is expected to become Xiaomi's first support for wireless charging mobile phone. Xiaomi 7 will be starting Snapdragon 845 platform, using Samsung 6-inch OLED full screen (18: 9), the design is not used for Xiaomi mi6.

Xiaomi 7 using a comprehensive screen with Snapdragon 845 and 6GB memory, these configurations are basically determined, and the price will be more than 3,000 yuan. The only suspense is whether the production of fingerprints under the screen, while supporting the same 3D structure of the iPhone X light face recognition. Xiaomi this year released a high frequency of mobile phones, such as the flagship machine has Xiaomi mi 6, low-end mobile phone Xiaomi mi 5x and redmi series xiaomi redmi note 5a. So for Xiaomi new machine, should go to next year.