Xiaomi mi mix full screen led the development of mobile phones like a comprehensive screen, Xiaomi mi mix 2 release once again stunning us. And this year's iPhone 8 and iPhone X these two generations of products, glass body and wireless charging these two elements will become the most popular industry.
xiaomi mi7
iPhone 8, X did not release before the Apple low-key joined the WPC wireless charging Union, so we surprisely see the new product support related features, and now interesting scene is Xiaomi also joined the alliance. WPC is the industry standard organization for the first wireless power source, standardizing the industry standard for 15W low-power applications, and certified products are labeled "Qi". From the current situation, Xiaomi's mobile phone will soon be equipped with wireless charging this feature, and the latest models should be released early next year,which is Xiaomi mi7.

Xiaomi 7 will carry Snapdragon 845 processor, and very likely to achieve under the screen fingerprint recognition. With 8GB shipped, with 6-inch Samsung OLED full screen, will be released in the first quarter of 2018. When Xiaomi mi6 released, has achieved good results, next year's Xiaomi 7 performance will be more powerful.And the sales will be higher.