Before the release of the Xiaomi Mi6 that the price of 1999 yuan is the label of the high performance flagship, but the Mi 6 broken the custom with the price of 2499 yuan. As the time goes by that the next flagship is said to meet with us soon that the price will over 3000 yuan.

Xiaomi Mi7

It is worth buying the new machine of the Xiaomi Mi7 that it is be confirmed to equip with the Snapdragon 845 processor, which is under much expectation with the excellent performance with the help of the 8GB RAM that the running speed will be really amazing and smooth while the others is equipped with 4GB/6GB RAM.

What worth to be mentioned is that there is the information on the internet said this time the Xiaomi 7 will provide two versions, including the common version with 5.6 inch 18:9 full screen ratio like the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 and the version of the Xiaomi Mi7 Plus that is equipped with Samsung OLED screen with the function of face recognition that is expected to be applied on the phone of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, which will bring much convenience in our daily life.

In addition, it is said that this machine will also add the function of wireless charge with a 3600mAh battery on the basis of the MIUI 9 system that we do not need to worry the power is not enough especially when we go out while the Xiaomi Mi 6X is said to be equipped with a 3080mAh battery.