Not long ago, Xiaomi official quietly put the Xiaomi Pad off the shelve that even in the home page of the official website that the Pad series has been canceled, which makes people discuss that Xiaomi has stopped produce the Pad. But the LeiJun said that they have not give up this kind product that the Xiaomi MiPad 4 is under preparing and we will meet with it soon.

Xiaomi MiPad 4

As for the Xiaomi MiPad 3, the Leijun said that it is because that it was sold out that we put it off the shelve like the phone of the Xiaomi Mi6 that when the Xiaomi Mi7 release and the last generation was sold out then we will make it off, and there is no other reasons to explain it.

In order to confirm the news was true that Leijun has released news and ask the fans of the Xiaomi to give some suggestions about the design of the MiPad 4 that sounds exciting. The Xiaomi Pad series products were very popular that many customers’ first choice is the MiPad like the phone of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, but now it is not popular as the Xiaomi Notebook.

Xiaomi has been known to do the best Android Pad, but there are many natural lack of Android Pad, and the supply of the Xiaomi MiPad 3 is not enough that many fans wait it for a long time like the phone of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 blue version that it is still out of stock. Are there still many people like to use the Pad? What’s your expectation and suggestion for the Xiaomi MiPad 4?