The MIUI 2017 Annual Summaries Conference with the theme of "Do not Forget the Original Aims” held yesterday, and on the conference the head of MIUI announced that the research and development of the MIUI 10 has officially started. In other words, their work center has transformed from the MIUI 9 applied on the phone of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 to the new system of MIUI 10.

Xiaomi MIUI

The Xiaomi official has announced that the system of the MIUI 9 completed 40 Xiaomi models to update and adapter that except the individual model it has almost contains all the Xiaomi machines, including the Xiaomi Mi6 while it is said that the Xiaomi Mi7 will be equipped with the system from the factory, which became the popular topic for the fans to heated discuss.

The MIUI 9 was released at the release conference of the Xiaomi Mi 5X that is focus on the improvement of the running speed with the theme of “fast as the lighten”, which shows a great successful, and it is said that the MIUI 10 will also release with the Xiaomi Mi 6X to meet with us.

From the news exposed on the internet we know that this new system will be applied on the new machines like the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 and the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 that the main research direction is talk with the machine that you just need to speak it out then the machine will do it do you, which sounds great and makes the fans very excited.