MIUI 9 international edition was officially released in India. The new system features with the smooth experience and is comparable to native Android with a number of new functions added on the basis of the MIUI 8 applied on the Xiaomi Mi6. Based on a survey of foreign environments, MIUI International version has also customized several localization services to better meet the usage habits of local users.

Xiaomi MIUI 9

Specifically, MIUI 9 international edition performs in-depth optimization from the bottom of the system and relies on technologies such as new file system, touch-screen feedback optimization, CPU intelligent growth, and thread scheduling optimization etc. that not appeared on the phone of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 in order to accelerate system-level startup and create an operating experience comparable to that of native Android.

As for the function, MIUI 9 international version is almost the same as the domestic version applied on the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 that basic support for the new notification bar, dynamic icons, split screen, smart assistant, Xiaomi fast transfer. At the same time, based on the familiar with the Indian market that MIUI 9 international version also joined the special localization services in order to be satisfied the customers.

MIUI 9 international edition will start upgrade in early November, and the Apps of the Xiaomi calculator, Xiaomi fast transfer, Xiaomi file management, which is said to be on the Xiaomi Mi7, will be solo release in India that all of them will on the line of Google Play before November 16.

It is reported that MIUI global networking has reached 280 million active users, and the MIUI international active users in the world accounted for more than 20%. The international version of the MIUI 9 undoubtedly promotes the further development of Xiaomi international business such as the product of the Xiaomi MiPad 4.