Xiaomi overseas official has been advised that they will release a new machine in India on September 5. We've been heard rumors about Xiaomi and Google working together to build an affordable Android One device that could be based on the dual-camera Xiaomi Mi 5X with the name xiaomi Mi A1.

From the exposure of the news, this Xiaomi of the new machine xiaomi A1 can be seen as Xiaomi 5X international version, the first shape will be consistent, followed by the system will be adjusted, no longer run MIUI, but pre-installed native Androids system. So this should be Xiaomi with Google together to create an Android One phone. And this phone is very affordable, mainly for emerging markets such as Asia and Africa, is to expand the market share of the important magic, but the system experience is still quite good.

Now, Xiaomi A1 related running points have emerged. The single-core score of the phone listed as Xiaomi Mi A1 is 852, while the multi-core result is 3837. The listing also revealed the Android One phone will come with 4 GB RAM and Android 7.1.2 Nougat. It will be powered by Snapdragon 625 processor with 5.5-inch 1080p screen, the battery capability is 3080mAh battery.And like xiaomi mi6,it also has 8MP front camera and12MP rear wide-angle +12MP telephoto lens and so on.

It is said that, in addition to the Indian market, the Xiaomi A1 cooperate with Google, will be introduced in the US market related models. In addition, Xiaomi full-screen mobile phone Xiaomi mi mix 2 will also be released on September 11th and it may also sell in the US.