India as the second largest country, mobile consumer market after China. Recently, India's rapid economic development, the huge potential in the smart phone also attracted the attention of foreign manufacturers. At present, the Samsung mobile phone sales in India the highest, but due to Xiaomi mi 6 and xiaomi mi mix 2 released , Xiaomi will become the most popular mobile phone in India.
xiaomi mi6
According to gizok received the news, Xiaomi recently in India's largest online shopping site Flipkart held a large promotional activities. Just two days, mobile phone sales to break through 1 million mark, which the most popular phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. But in the same activities in 2016, Xiaomi mobile phone sales exceeded 1 million with 18 days of time. The data show that the second quarter of Redmi Note 4 in India with 7.2% market share in the low-priced mobile phone top. Followed by Samsung Galaxy J2 (4.3%), OPPO A37 (3.5%), Galaxy J7 (3.3%) and so on.

In recent years, Xiaomi phone because of a very high cost and strong performance, which has been welcomed by Indian consumers. With Xiaomi to strengthen the sales force in India under the line, set off a war with Samsung for market share. Xiaomi's preferred retail partner has signed up to 200 local retailers. Xiaomi also plans to sign more than 1,000 retail partners in India. Xiaomi in this year also released a variety of mobile phones, high-end mobile Xiaomi mix 2 and Xiaomi mi note 3, low-end mobile Xiaomi mi 5x and Xiaomi redmi note 5a. The second half Xiaomi will continue to release the new machine, so it will soon replace Samsung occupied the Indian market.