Xiaomi held a live conference, the official release of the Redmi series of new machines - Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A in August 21, 2017.The standard version of the price of 699 yuan, high version the price of 899 yuan.

Although the standard version and high version are called Redmi Note 5A, but this time xiaomi continues the xiaomi redmi note 4x with the different features of the same, the two versions hardware configuration and appearance are different. In addition,redmi note 5a is also the first note with A head of the redmi Note products. From the xiaomi naming habits, A series has always been a simple version of the logo, such as xiaomi 2A, redmi 2A, redmi 4A and so on. So the redmi Note 5A should also have not yet released a brief version of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, and redmi Note series price is also the first time to be the same as redmi series, the price is 699 yuan.

But as so meaningful "first",redmi Note 5A also bear a special mission, that is, under the line market.Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A is following the second Xiaomi mi 5X after the second line for the market under the product, it is worth mentioning that the redmi Note 5A high distribution version is also all the xiaomi mobile phone , the first equipped with pre-soft light products. Is the first 2 +1 card slot, you can also place two SIM card +1 SD card phone.And if you want know about the phone ,we will tell you more about it.

First, in appearance, it has three colors to choose from, gold, rose gold and gray. In addition to the ordinary light sensor and front camera, the redmi Note 5A added a pre-soft, this is the first equipped with pre-soft light products. The bottom is still the practice of redmi three non-backlight entities button, the right is the volume key and power button, the left is the SIM card slot. 2 + 1 card slot, you can also place two SIM cards + 1 SD card. The top of the fuselage is a noise reduction microphone with a headphone hole, and the infrared sensor still exists. The bottom of the fuselage is a symmetrical design with a microphone with a speaker, with a Micro-USB interface. Xiaomi redmi note 5a is the back of the plastic material, but the plastic material to deal with very good, whether it is similar to the back of the metal reflective, or similar metal sandblasting scrub feel, do are very good.

Second, in performance, redmi Note 5A equipped with the processor for the Snapdragon 435,octa-core A53 core, 28nm process, and the xiaomi redmi 4X the same. In the Antutu's test, it made a total score of 45876, which is already very good for low-end mobile phone. In the GeekBench test, Singles-core score is 661 and the multi-core score is 2538. In the game test, it generally can be maintained at 25 or more, the group will occasionally fall to 20 frames, run more smoothly.

Third, for the camera. Redmi Note 5A equipped with a rear 13 million pixel camera, and 16 million pixel front camera, plus a pre-soft light. Thanks to 16 million high pixels, beauty effect is quite natural, the picture retains a lot of details, the hair is relatively clear. Post-13MP camera in the absence of double-shot situation is still able to get a good macro background blur effect.

Fourth,battery life and charge: redmi Note 5A equipped with a 3080 mAh battery can be used for nine hours. Video playback starts at 38% of power, and after 1 hour of playback, the remaining power is 22% and the power consumption is 16% for 60 minutes. Only 3080 mAh battery red rice Note 5A can be continuous play "King glory" more than 5 hours, quite good results. And it standard with a 5V2A charging head, charging test from 5% of the electricity began, a total of 110 minutes to fill.