Xiaomi will be through the online conference to the official launch of thousands yuan of new machine Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A at 21:30 on August 21. In addition, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Xiaomi mi note 3 exposure message is also more and more. So xiaomi new machine released in the second half of the year, which one are you most looking forward to?

Xiaomi mix 2 will be released within the two months, the size has been reduced, as a full-screen mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 + and xiaomi MIX not only one hand bad operation, hands also seem a bit big operation. As for xiaomi note 3, there may be delayed until next year. Its screen to abandon the xiaomi Note 2 LGD (LG Display) supplier, by the SDC (Samsung Display) to provide the panel. In addition to the two flagship machine , there is a carrying Snapdragon 660 processor phone, modeling and xiaomi mi 6 almost, but the screen increases, was named Xiaomi mi A1. Xiaomi A1 is based on Xiaomi Mi 5X for Google to build an Android One phone, pre-installed native Android system. Dress up native ROM, will have the right to enjoy Google's unlimited space photo storage Google Photos, Google Assistant, Play store and other services.

As for the Redmi Note 5A released, not directly equipped MIUI 9, it should be MIUI 8, and then upgrade. At present, xiaomi has 15 models phones got MIUI9 development version, if your phone wants to upgrade to MIUI 9 system, you can download upgrade in xiaomidevice. It is said that xiaomi redmi note 5 series has three versions phones will be released, then the second half of this year, xiaomi phone is more than three new machine to release, but each one is worth expecting.